5 New Podcast Quick Tips!

September 4, 2007


In an effort to give N8tip subscribers more options, I’ve decided to add audio to most of my posts. For those of you on the go, you can now enjoy N8tip in your car, while working out, or whatever.

If you currently use iTunes, you can find me listed under “Nate’s Productivity Tips” under the podcasts section of the iTunes store (all my podcasts are free!). You can also listen to and download them right here at the N8tip.com site.

If a post has audio, you’ll see the player (See picture). I’ve also decided to add audio to some of my earliest posts. You can find them liked at the bottmo of this post. Most are just 2-4 minutes long, that’s why I call them quick tips (I’m clever that way :-) )

If you’d like to check out the original posts here they are:

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What You and Pavlov’s Dog Should Not Have in Common.

You Can Bet on This

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