5 Reasons You Procrastinate and How to Overcome Them

December 10, 2007


I recently wrote this article about overcoming procrastination for a great site called Pick The Brain.

One of the major challenges with overcoming procrastination is that there’s no single cause, and therefore no single solution. The key to moving beyond procrastination is learning how to clearly identify what particular type of procrastination is plaguing you. That way you can focus on the appropriate remedy.

5 common reasons people procrastinate:

  1. Repulsive Tasks
  2. Mental Mountains
  3. Emotional Avoidance
  4. Lack of Energy
  5. Help is Needed

Emotional Avoidance is particularly tricky. Whether it’s fear, anger, frustration, or sadness like in my example, procrastination due to emotional avoidance will always hold you back until you acknowledge it, and decide to move past it.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Emotional Avoidance: Unfortunately, my oldest brother Todd was killed in an automobile accident when he was just a teenager. That first Christmas after his accident was a rough one for my whole family. We had always maintained a tradition of decorating for the holidays the first weekend after Thanksgiving. But that weekend had come and gone, and none of us was in a particularly festive mood. We all knew the hardest part was going to be unpacking boxes that contained decorations my brother had made throughout the years, some dating back to kindergarten.

That said, the idea of no Christmas was just appalling to my nine year old sensibility. So I did what any resourceful kid would do – I headed to the garage and brought in box after box of decorations, until I filled our entire living room. I then grabbed a few catalogs and ordered Christmas gifts for the whole family using my parent’s credit card.

To this day I’m still not sure why they accepted credit card payment from a nine year old over the phone, but thank God they did!

Gaining traction on emotionally charged tasks is particularly difficult. Whether its fear, grief, resentment, or whatever, emotional obstacles are barriers that will always hold you back, until you decided to cross them.”

About the author: Nate Just is a corporate trainer, productivity coach, speaker, and founder of Competitive Edge LLC. 

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