7 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Failure

October 11, 2007

I only keep one quote taped to my monitor, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Who do you think said that?

If I told you he invented the light bulb, would that help?

It was Thomas Edison. I keep that quote ‘in my face’ at all times as a constant reminder that the easiest way to fail is to quit! That may not seem so profound. But if you think about it, that means failure is often caused by a lack of perseverance rather than the lack of progress. Mistakes are inevitable. It’s how we learn from and use our mistakes that ultimately guides us through to success!

John Wesley over at Pick the Brain wrote this great article about 7 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Failure. Here’s an excerpt:

Burn the boats - When ancient Greek armies traveled across the sea to do battle, the first thing they would do after landing was to burn the boats, leaving them stranded. With no way to make it home besides victory, the resolve of the soldiers was strengthened. When success and failure are the only options, you have no choice but to follow through.

If you have a goal, but are afraid to commit, force yourself into action by burning the boats. Register for an exam in advance if you want to go back to school. Set a deadline to move to a new city without signing a lease. Fear of failure disappears when you realize it can’t save you.

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