Been Meaning to Catch Up on Reading? Here’s How:

December 9, 2007

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kid-reading2.jpgThis article is about how to turn “down time” into “catch up” time by always having something to read - ALWAYS!

Last week while waiting to be seen by my doctor, I had the unfortunate pleasure of witnessing a true A-hole in action. Anybody who’s ever been to a doctor’s office more than once knows the routine. Upon arriving you first check in with the receptionist. Then you fill out a million forms. Finally, you take a seat and wait for the nurse to call your name. Oh, and more often than not, the doctor will be running late.

Well, all this just proved too much for Mr. A-hole. First he let out a very loud sigh that was immediately followed by an even lauder, “THIS IS RIDICULOUS!” Obviously, he was on a hunt for fellow mutineers to help him take over the lobby, and demand to be seen immediately. Thankfully, everyone chose to ignore him. Of course that only proved to aggravate him even further. He continued, “WHY DID I EVEN BOTHER MAKING AN APPOINTMENT!” Again, we all just ignored him.

Just as he began his third tirade, the receptionist finally shut him up by explaining the doctor was running late, and assured him that this was not an elaborate conspiracy specifically designed to waste his time.


I really don’t understand people like Mr. A-hole. Hey, I hate waiting just as much as anybody, but if the doctor’s running late, the doctor’s running late. You can chose to get upset about it, or you can plan ahead by brining something to read. As busy as I am, I actually enjoy having a few extra minutes for catch up reading.

Whether a book, magazine, or your new cell phone instructions – It’s a good idea to ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING TO READ. Keep it in your car, purse, briefcase, backpack, or someplace else accessible. That way you’re always prepared to productively fill that otherwise wasted downtime.

Oh, and I hope this goes without saying that reading while in a waiting room is always better than obnoxiously chatting on your mobile phone. That’s what Ms. A-hole, the girl sitting next to me on the other side, was doing (No it wasn’t Paris Hilton). But I’ll save that for another article.

Bellow I’ve listed 3 golden opportunities for catching up on reading. As obvious as they might seem, there missed opportunities for a lot of people because they failed to plan ahead. So the next time you find yourself in one of these 3 situations make sure you have something to read:

* Anytime you’re in a line: Grocery store, deli, bank, DMV, etc.

* Anytime you’re in a waiting area: Restaurant, automobile service, jury duty, Doctor/Dental appointment, etc.

*Anytime you’re going for a ride: Subway, cab, carpool, airplane, train, etc.

What have I left out? Please share your favorite place for “catch up” reading in the comment section below. Thanks!

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2 Responses to “Been Meaning to Catch Up on Reading? Here’s How:”

  1. PeaKayTea on December 10th, 2007 4:37 am

    Other ideas: when picking up your kids from anywhere, when going to a meeting that always starts late,

  2. Kassandra on July 15th, 2010 11:47 am

    On your lunch hour…who needs an hour to eat?

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