How to Take Notes like Thomas Edison

October 12, 2007

thomas_edison.jpgRemember my article, “Notes, Copious F!%king Notes!”? Well, turns out Thomas Edison agrees with my assertion that note taking helps us retain information, even if we never consult the notes again. I read this interesting article at - I particularly like this part:

“… By writing everything down that he thought was worth writing, he (Edison) was able to free himself of the burden of having to remember it. (the cool part) a strange and almost unexpected thing occurs.

The process of writing things down aids in the mental memory retention. The combination of having the confidence in knowing the information is on record and easily retrievable combined with the improved retention from the process of writing it down, creates a winning combination when it comes to memory.”

If you’re curious, you can read the rest of the article Here.

D.I.Y. Charger Station

September 26, 2007


Several months back I came across this clever way to deal with the abundance of charger cords (cell, Bluetooth, PDA, etc). To date, I have not found a commercial “charger station” that meets all of my needs. So, I decided to make my own.

Here are the supplies I used to create my charger box:

A surge protector (the Belkin I already had)
A Snap-N-Store Collapsible DVD Storage Box
Bookplate Hardware
Crazy Glue
Xacto Knife

A few important notes if you are interested in building your own charger station. The reason I used such a large box was because I already had the surge protector on had (just measure to make sure whichever one you use will fit inside the box).

The hardest part was finding the “bookplates.” Apparently that’s the name for the hardware used to cover the front of the holes I cut out. Other than that, it was 4 simple steps:

1. Trace bookplates on the inside of box (It was easier working with the box unsnapped)
2. Cut out holes for book plate with a sharp xacto knife
3. Put the box together and super glue bookplate hardware to the front of the box to cover the holes
4. Add your stuff and charge away!

I bought the box from and the “bookplates” from Here.

This video illustrates another way to create your charger station with supplies from Ikea.

The Awesome N8tip Mobile Podcast Set-Up

September 7, 2007

Just in case anyone was curious about the behind the scenes of what make’s this site run, I shot this short video about the current tools I use to make the N8tip podcasts.

After watching the video, I realized that I say “awesome” way too much. But since I was born and raised in California, I think it’s my right, Dude! :) Watch the video and see how many “awesomes” you count … It’s awesome! … Now, I’m just beating an awesomely, dead horse.


Click Here to Watch the Video

Peace of Mind for Just 14 Cents a Day!

September 3, 2007

That’s certainly the cheapest peace of mind I’ve ever purchased. If you’re like me, you live a little bit more of your life online every day. I can honestly say, I spend more time using my computer than watching TV, or doing most other things for that matter (Geek alert!). I bank, invest, and make most of my purchases online … I even do my grocery shopping online ( rocks!). Gee, I truly have become a 21st century digital boy!

Two years ago I purchased a 500 gig external hard drive to back up all the information on my computer. Unfortunately, ten months latter it crashed!. I then found out, it would cost about $1,000 to “try” to recover the data – ouch! Since it was just a back up, I decided to skip the process all together.

It did however, put me on a hunt for another way to safely, and securely back up the data on my machine. Enter Carbonite!


Once loaded on your computer, carbonite will continually back up all the data on your machine. If you need to recover a file, simply access it from the “Carbonite Backup Drive” located in the “my computer” section of your PC.

Read more

A Cool Way to Prioritize Tasks in Outlook

August 29, 2007

One of my favorite features in MS Outlook is the ability to sequentially prioritize tasks by dragging them around within the taskpad list. This video explains how to update the settings.

A Cool way to Prioritize your Tasks Using MS Outlook

FYI: I’m using OL 2003 above, but these settings work for outlook 2000, & 2002 as well.

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