D.I.Y. Charger Station

September 26, 2007


Several months back I came across this clever way to deal with the abundance of charger cords (cell, Bluetooth, PDA, etc). To date, I have not found a commercial “charger station” that meets all of my needs. So, I decided to make my own.

Here are the supplies I used to create my charger box:

A surge protector (the Belkin I already had)
A Snap-N-Store Collapsible DVD Storage Box
Bookplate Hardware
Crazy Glue
Xacto Knife

A few important notes if you are interested in building your own charger station. The reason I used such a large box was because I already had the surge protector on had (just measure to make sure whichever one you use will fit inside the box).

The hardest part was finding the “bookplates.” Apparently that’s the name for the hardware used to cover the front of the holes I cut out. Other than that, it was 4 simple steps:

1. Trace bookplates on the inside of box (It was easier working with the box unsnapped)
2. Cut out holes for book plate with a sharp xacto knife
3. Put the box together and super glue bookplate hardware to the front of the box to cover the holes
4. Add your stuff and charge away!

I bought the box from Drugstore.com and the “bookplates” from Here.

This video illustrates another way to create your charger station with supplies from Ikea.

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