Electricity, Lights – Who Needs Them?

January 9, 2008

stormyfelton1.jpgLast week lampposts, trees, and power lines were violently uprooted all over Northern California as winds topping 80 mph ripped through our usually peaceful neck of the woods. Unfortunately, this left 200,000 Northern California residents, including me, without power.

Upon receiving word from the electric company that power was unlikely to be restored for at least 24 hours, I did what any self-respecting carnivore would do. I fire up the barbecue and made a feast of the steaks that were quickly defrosting inside my freezer. As I’ve mentioned before I’m quite carnivorous (see How to Be a Jackass in 3 Simple Steps).

Then, with a full belly and determined spirit, I lit some candles and decided to completely reorganize both my living room bookcases. With a raging storm outdoors and no power indoors, I could think of no better time to tackle such a project.
bookshelflabel2.jpgActually, I had been looking for the right time to begin my bookcase project for weeks, and no doubt about it, this was it. Just a few weeks prior, I received the bookshelf labels that I had ordered online. Ok, so I realize bookcase labels may be a bit over the top, but I have lots of books and like the idea of grouping them into sections. Hey at least I didn’t assign them their proper Dewey decimal numbers!

I did however group my books into 10 general sections: Business, Economics, History, Language, Personal Development, Politics, Reference, Religion, Science, and Travel. Man, all I need to add is “Potent Potables” and I could host a jeopardy round in my living room – nerd alert!

Ok so it did take two hours and a few dozen candles, but now all my books are neatly organized into easily identifiable sections. It made me realize that even without electricity I can still be productive – who would have thought?

It makes me wonder what the rest of you do when the power’s out. If you’ve got a useful tip or routine you follow during an outage please share it in the comment section bellow.

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