Google Maps: Street View

August 9, 2007

I’m not sure if you’ve checked out Google maps lately, but they’re adding some pretty cool features. The latest is Street View.

What makes this feature so cool? Well, it actually lets you see a 360 degree view by simply placing the “street view” icon guy in the area you want to see.


You can now see a 360 degree street level picture view in select cities using Google Maps (click picture for larger view)

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So far it’s only available for a few major cities, but Google is working on adding more cities all the time.

See map below for Street View currently available cities.



I recently used this on a business trip to Los Angeles. I was staying at a hotel a few blocks from the building I was going to be working in, and used Google maps to help me get a feel for the area.

To use Street View here’s what to do: Point to - Then type in an address or intersection (Arrow number 1 in the first photo). Then select “street view” from the options (Arrow number 2 in the first photo). Next, you can place the “street view” icon guy anywhere on the map that you want to get a 360 degree picture preview (Arrow number 3 in the first photo … you can drag the guy using your mouse, when you drop it into a new location on the map, you can see a picture of that area).

See how one guy used street view to avoid a parking ticket

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