A Recipe For Getting More Done!

September 10, 2007

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This Podcast Explores How to Bake a Productivity Cake … a Recipe For Getting More Done.

The presentation covers:

Productivity is a piece of cake! It doesn’t have to be difficult to become organized and productive. When dealing with overwhelmingly complex challenges, the best solution is always the simplest that solves the problem.


The four raw ingredients necessary for optimized personal productivity are:

• Single Source Prioritization
• Efficient File Systems
• A Programmed/Prepared Environment
• Efficient Work-Flow Process

Throughout the day we can be engaged in three kinds of activities:

• Processing Activities (preproduction)
• Prioritizing activities (preproduction)
• Producing Activities

Most productivity is lost durring “preproduction.” Inefficiencies in preproduction rob us of about 20% of our time.

Goal: Get the 20% back! This is accomplished through building more efficient strategies for processing and prioritizing, and can save 1-2 hours per day.

The four raw ingredients help us get the 20% back.

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