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September 3, 2007

That’s certainly the cheapest peace of mind I’ve ever purchased. If you’re like me, you live a little bit more of your life online every day. I can honestly say, I spend more time using my computer than watching TV, or doing most other things for that matter (Geek alert!). I bank, invest, and make most of my purchases online … I even do my grocery shopping online ( rocks!). Gee, I truly have become a 21st century digital boy!

Two years ago I purchased a 500 gig external hard drive to back up all the information on my computer. Unfortunately, ten months latter it crashed!. I then found out, it would cost about $1,000 to “try” to recover the data – ouch! Since it was just a back up, I decided to skip the process all together.

It did however, put me on a hunt for another way to safely, and securely back up the data on my machine. Enter Carbonite!


Once loaded on your computer, carbonite will continually back up all the data on your machine. If you need to recover a file, simply access it from the “Carbonite Backup Drive” located in the “my computer” section of your PC.

I don’t obsess about it, but the thought does occassionally cross my mind …what if I was the victim of a flood, fire, earthquake, or thief? How screwed would I be without my computer data? The answer: Screwed enough to research ways to safely (think encrypted) and remotely (think in a land far, far away) backup my stuff. Carbonite has been that for me.

Carbonite is backup for everything—a simple, safe, online backup service for casual home PC users, students, home office users, road warriors, etc. For just $49.95 per year, Carbonite will back up all the data on your PC (digital photos, music, office documents, and other valuable data) whenever your PC is connected to the Internet.

After you download the software, Carbonite’s online backup service starts automatically and works quietly and continuously in the background protecting your data. If you’ve accidentally erased something, don’t worry; they’ve still got a copy. You can restore deleted files with just a few clicks on your PC. If your PC crashes, just visit the Carbonite site to recover the lost files.

So, if you value the data stored on your computer as much as I do, I’d highly recommend giving Carbonite a try. It’s the easiest, safest, and least expensive solution I’ve found for backing up the data on my computer. The only drawback is that initially it took about three days to back up all the stuff on my machine. But we’re talking hundreds of gigs (I took over 2,500 pictures in europe last year) … so that’s actually not bad at all!

Click here to watch an animated Carbonite tutoral

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