On Your Mark … Go … Get Set!

July 9, 2007

As silly as this expression sounds, it’s exactly how many people start their day. They come in to work, jump on email, and an hour latter they still haven’t checked their calendar or to-do list. That really is like starting the race a bit early inst it? Just because an email, voicemail, or any other new item shows up, doesn’t make them priority.

If you spend your whole day chasing all the new stuff that comes your way … guess what?  You’ve lost control of your day!  A better approach is to proactively push things through the “filter of prioritization.” That way you’ll make better choices about what should get your attention.

To really maximize your productivity, prioritization has got to be your first order of business. Investing five to ten minutes at the beginning of each day reviewing and adjusting your priorities will make you far less likely to miss things like 8:00am meetings, or early morning conference calls. you’ll also have the peace of mind that what you are working on really is priority.

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One Response to “On Your Mark … Go … Get Set!”

  1. on July 9th, 2007 10:11 pm

    Can’t agree more… I had this problem until I finally created a routine for myself that I start with every morning:
    -check calendar
    -check notes (I take notes a lot, then add them to my primary todo list)
    -check due tasks on my todo list
    …and only then I get to email.

    Good luck!
    //Why wake up earlier?

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