Sleep Your Way to 100 With Power Naps

November 13, 2007

12.jpg Napping is a great way to jump start the second half of your day. Way better than the cup of coffee I often settle for instead. The power nap not only energizes your afternoon performance, it’s also really great for your heart!

In a recent article Dr. Maoshing Ni an anti-aging expert, and author of the best-selling book, Secrets of Longevity writes, “In America, coronary heart disease is the single largest killer of men and women. Taking a midday nap is one of the best ways to lower stress on your heart. … Studies show that people who napped 30 minutes every day were 30 percent less prone to heart disease than those who didn’t take a midday snooze. If you want to live to be 100, you need to take a few naps along the way!”

Do you think nappers are lazy? You might want to check out this impressive list of of prolific nap enthusiasts before you answer: Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, JFK, just to name a few.

The key to an effective power nap is keeping it short. 15 - 30 minute is best for most people. Pablo Picasso employed an interesting technique in which he’d hold a spoon as he napped in a chair. Just as he began to doze off into a deeper sleep, the muscles in his hand would relax and he would drop the spoon. The loud clanking of the spoon as it hit the floor would then wake him (He must have had hardwood or stone flooring). A bell is a great alternative even on carpeted areas.

For most of us mid-day is not the most convenient time for us to scope out a place for a nap. I find it easiest to take a later lunch and then spend a few minutes napping in my car. If you’ve got a cool napping tip or trick, don’t keep it to yourself! share it bellow.

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