Take the “Everyday” Stress Test

October 28, 2007


The purpose of this stress test is to increase your awareness of stress in your life.

Read each question and keep track of the number of “Yes” answers.

  • I rarely take time for myself.
  • I am generally in a hurry.
  • I often get angry when I listen to the local, national, or world news or read the
    newspaper.I often get upset at work.
  • I do not regularly perform physical activity.
  • I often feel that I am being mistreated by friends or associates.I often have difficulty sleeping.
  • I often have neck and/or shoulder pains (not due to accident or injury).
  • I have frequent arguments.
  • I often get upset when I stand in long lines.
  • I have at least one constant source of stress/anxiety in my life (e.g., conflict with boss, Neighbor, mother-in-law, etc.).
  • I do not have a sufficient amount of money for my needs.
  • I usually feel that there is not enough time in the day to accomplish what I need to
  • I often get upset when driving.
  • I often have stress-related headaches.
  • At the end of a workday I often feel stress-related fatigue.
  • I have difficulty in managing time wisely.
  • I rarely get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night.
  • I do not practice stress management techniques.
  • I have difficulty in keeping my feelings of anger and hostility under control.
  • I write a blog, and am constantly under the pressure of having to think of useful and interesting things to write about … actually that one’s just for me :)

How many “yes” answers did you give? Here’s the stress index key:

0 - 2 = Low stress

3 - 5 = Average stress

6 + = High stress

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