The 7 Bad E-Mail Habits that Make People Want to Kill You

November 7, 2007


For many of us email is quickly becoming a non-communication tool. That’s because so many of us have developed bad habits around the use of email. Although email is always an easy and convenient choice for reaching out, it’s not always the best medium for communication.

Check out this article to see if you’re guilty of any of these 7 bad email habits. I particularly like number 3.

“3) Wrong Medium

E-mail works best for direct and non-time sensitive information. Conversations, discussions and anything that requires a heavy amount of back-and-forth should be done on the phone or in person. Trying to use e-mail to have these conversations can be slow, time-consuming and painful.

The solution is to bridge the e-mail gap when you recognize you’re wasting time with it. Ask the person if you can discuss the issues in person or on the phone at a specific time and date.”

Read the rest the article here.

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