The Awesome N8tip Mobile Podcast Set-Up

September 7, 2007

Just in case anyone was curious about the behind the scenes of what make’s this site run, I shot this short video about the current tools I use to make the N8tip podcasts.

After watching the video, I realized that I say “awesome” way too much. But since I was born and raised in California, I think it’s my right, Dude! :) Watch the video and see how many “awesomes” you count … It’s awesome! … Now, I’m just beating an awesomely, dead horse.


Click Here to Watch the Video

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One Response to “The Awesome N8tip Mobile Podcast Set-Up”

  1. Kiltak on September 7th, 2007 12:04 pm

    Awesome setup nate ;)

    Just came in through Problogger… See, putting that video up was actually a great idea!


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