Ticket Please

December 5, 2007

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airport-parking-ticket-003.jpgIf it hasn’t happened to you yet, then consider yourself overdue! Of course I’m talking about that “senior moment” that strikes young and old alike, especially after a long flight. Just days before you parked your car somewhere at airport and were in such a rush to catch your flight; you now have no idea where the heck you left your car.

After several frustrating minutes of looking, you may even be tempted to report your vehicle stolen. But you’d be hard pressed to prove that since you can’t even identify where the scene of the “supposed” crime took place.

The good news is that after reading this post, you never have to let this happen again. Here’s what to do:

The next time you leave your car at the airport, clearly write the location (lot, terminal, space number, etc.) on the time stamped ticket the airport prints for you to calculate your parking fee (see a recent example above). You should do this immediately after pulling into the space.

Next, and very importantly, immediately put the ticket in your wallet - most are conveniently printed the size of a credit card. That way, after arriving back to the airport, rather than trying to jog your already jet lagged brain: you can simply open your wallet, pull out the ticket and use it to guide you back to you vehicle.

Once you get back to your car, again, immediately put the ticket back in your wallet and keep it there until it’s time to pay your parking fee. Call me crazy, but I swear there’s a ticket gremlin that loves to hide your ticket in the short time it takes you to drive from your parking space to the parking fee kiosk. The more cars lined up behind you, the longer it will take you to find your ticket if you don’t put it in your wallet - trust me I learned this lesson the hard way!

Originally Posted 7/31/07, now republished with audio.

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